Restaurant owners have a plethora of tasks on their plate at once (no pun intended). At St. Louis Merchant Services, our goal is to relieve you of at least one of those tasks and to connect you with the best solution of credit card payment processing for your business. You can focus on the quality of your food and dining experience while we search for a quality deal.

The Basics

Our brokers know that 50 to 100 percent of your business’ revenue comes from credit card payment processing, and on average, merchants pay 2-3% of every swipe their customers make for their bills. We thought that didn’t make any sense, so we strive to find a credit card processing company that saves you money by minimizing your processing fees!

What We Offer

As your restaurant’s broker, we conduct research and analyze rates among credit card processors for you. Some of the credit card payment processing companies we work with include the following:

  • First Data
  • Chase Paymentech
  • TSYS
  • Global Payments
  • And more!

Why We’re Different

Our brokers are unbiased, which means our loyalty is to our merchants and not to any particular credit card processing company. We’ve served the St. Louis Metropolitan Area for more than 20 years, and our goal is to find you a credit card processor that helps you profit more as a business owner.

Choose St. Louis Merchant Services

Nearly 70% of the population utilizes credit cards as their go-to source of payment. If your restaurant accepts credit cards as a form of payment, let our brokers at St. Louis Merchant Services help save you money by minimizing your transaction fees for your restaurant.

Choose St. Louis Merchant Services to represent your business for credit card processing, and we won’t let you down. Get started today by calling our team of brokers at (636) 541-5455 or by filling out our online form!